COUNTING downnnnnn……

There was a lovely spread in Viva this morning about what we can all expect from The Big Week. The opening party, is for my money, the best social function of the week. Everyone involved is there, and this year that includes Mayor John Banks and Air New Zealand’s CEO Rob Fyfe, (sadly Miss Pamela and her designing partner, Richie Rich wont even have landed though.) This is the most civilised night because there’s time to chat. Hereafter, it gets a bit hectic, and it will be especially so this year as the FashionWeekend was $30 a head last year and this year its down to $15.
The more people that go along the better too, and not just for the energy they bring. People wear clothes, clothes are fashion (sometimes) so the more people there are, the more people there are to look at and this is the one week of the year that its socially acceptable to look people up and down. (Tip – the worse people look, the cooler they are).The public can also go along to the Designer Selection shows – tickets are available at and corporate hosting is available too at under Options. The glamour highlight will, without a doubt, be Pamela’s show on the Friday night and the craziest part of the fashion madness will be the Designer garage sale, which is expected to be huge this year. I will certainly be going shopping!


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