Make me look beautiful? No!!!

Don’t make me LOOK beautiful, forget the illusion. Make me beautiful for real please!
This is the future of make up, no doubt about it, and Australian skincare line Rationale has chosen #ANZFW to introduce their cutting edge products here in Enzed.
They’ve got a mascara that grows your lashes!!! That’s completely new and if it really works we will all want ten of them! Then there’s a lip gloss that plumps lips and a mineral powder with sunscreen.
It makes sense doesnt it? This goop we put on our faces ought to be working for us, rather than just decorating us. Or poisoning us. In the 18th century foundation was lead based and lethal. It didn’t just clog your pores, or make you feel ill, it actually killed a lot of women (and their gay friends!) We have come a long way baby! (Thank heavens).


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