Saturday night Wrap Party and the harbour on Sunday:

Pamela’s design partner and great mate, Richie Rich is going to be out on the Auckland Harbour next Sunday in the early afternoon. He’s being treated to a trip on an old school super yacht – the Haparanda. She’s a 70ft classic schooner, which has taken decades of painstaking work to restore. (Haparanda
Richie will have a few key media types, like The Sunday Star Times lovely new Gossip Girl, Amanda Midgley and a C4 crew, plus friends and fashionistas, all aong to party with him, but they’ll be hoping the sea’s calm I bet!
The night before is the big Wrap Party at Shanghai Lil, which is organised by Remix magazine, and is going to be huge. Heads are expected to be verrrrrry sore next day.
What’s especially cool about this is that anyone can go to the party, especially as tickets are only $35 from iticket and the very big excitement of the night is that Richie Rich, himself, is going to be singing.
Meanwhile, down at Shanghai Lil, Russell has been going hard to get the new Mata Hari Room ready and he’s really excited. And when Russell is excited, that means VERY EXCITED. (I have even traded him an Egyptian inlaid table for a small Chinese light fitting, that’s how obsessive his attention to detail has been.)
This year many of the international media is staying on for the big night, too. And even fashion superstar Patty Huntingdon is staying, along with the crazy Tokyo Dandy Blogger boys so it will be a fabulous end to a fantastic week.
See you there!


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