At Cybele

waiting for the show to start and i just got a pic iof a gorgeous Air NZer called Marni who looked like a 1950’s movie star. She’ll be hosting The Air NZ Koro Lounge where the theme is Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Cute. And they’ve gpt double beds and all sorts of old so it looks like an old (naughty) air craft lounge.
Rob Fyfe who is beside me here with his daughter Christie Fyfe says the covers were rumpled this morning.
Ah well, I guess love and fashion go together.
Back to Marni – all the Air New Zealand staff here, helping people around are giving their time for nothing and they LOVE doing it. Rob says one guy even comes up from Invercargill every year – they come from all over the country!

Its filling up tight now.


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  1. courageous_one

    sounds exciting

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