Get you hands OFF my clothes!

Have you ever wondered how the fashion garments on the runway are transported to #ANZFW? ? ?
No? . . . oh. . . .OK, you haven’t, but I will tell you anyway, because this could mighty useful knowledge down the track.
A packing and delivery company called Toll IPEC, now have CAGES for the clothes to protect them and in this modern world of gender bending you might need to do just that. If your boyfriend has a streak of Russel Brandt, call Toll, get yourself a cage and put your clothes in it away from his lascivious gaze. Men might look seriously sexy in women’s clothes occasionally, but let’s face it – they are a different shape to us and we don’t want them stretching our tights across the front and our t’s across the shoulders, do we? if they want girl clothes they should go shopping for themselves. (At the Designer Garage Sale for preference because then WE can borrow THEIR stuff! )
And girls’ best friend, Toll IPEC is also working with Audi this year. They’ve installed track and trace devices into all the VIP cars to make it easy to keep track of the ANZFW Audi fleet.
(Another reason to call them eh? because you might use that same system to keep an eye on you know who!)


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