The First Morning:

Got down at 9am to have my makeup done by the M.A.C. team. Carly Flynn was already there. They’d been filming Sunrise from ANZFW all morning and HER makeup looked amazing..really pretty colours around the eyes.
They did me with their new Black Knight lipstick that isnt even out yet. I feel a bit witchy but everyone seems to like it down here at The Westin. This is the meeting place for the international media and locals like PR girl Helen Badger of Lassoo and the Moet is flowing here. The most stunning apparition was Hero from H3O Media in Tokyo. He looked amazing in trippy army boots with pants tucked in. NO ONE here screams fashion. They are all more unusual and idiosyncratic. Its a very creative crowd. Marcus the Westin CEO is a lovely guy and he’s rushing around being hospitable. Meanwhile out the front. the Audis are parked. These guys, like The Westin itself ensure the big week happens.
The coolest part of being down here is the installation of Zambesi dummies, IN THE POOL, dressed in black and whit with blindfolds and, of course, MOET!


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