Annah Stretton is starting:

Candy Lane is in the front row wearing killer heels and a short skirt. Dancer’s legs. Say no more. So far we are 20 mins late but that’s nothing. Cybele was 45 minutes late but no-one complains. We are mostly girls and we understand that you havr to get the look right or bust,
Pebbles von World is here in the second row. I wonder if her mum will mind. Denise is a bit snippy with Air New Zealand Fashion Week, its such a shame because its a very inclusive atmosphere, with smiles all around. I have never picked up on any fashiony snootyness and this is my 8th year. The atmosphere here is more like a school trip. Even Sally Ann Moffat of Good Morning said the same thing. We are working but its a lovely girls together feeling.
Boys have fun too. Tony, Annah’s husband just went passed and said that the gold painted girls look amaaaaaazing!!!
Annah’s a big animal lover, she really active in the SPCA so it was no surprise to see SAFE’s Amanda Sorrenson here.
It harks back to somethung I blogged earlier about it being fashionable to care about more than what you look like. Pamela is the best example of that.

The music has stopped, lights are down, the show is BEGINNING!!!


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