Midday and 27 Names is about to start

I got chatting upstairs in the Air New Zealand lounge, to the Tokyo Dandy Boys. Like many people in fashion they’re a bit intimidating to look at but really sweet to chat to.
The blondie, Dan Bailey, is from York, in England so he sounded a bit like a Beatle and you cant be scary if you sound like Ringo!! He’s beside me now…he just sat down so I can tell you his website. Its TOKYODANDY.COM.
He and his stylist partner, Joe Kazuaki are loking for new brands that they can take back. The kids dont want LV or Gucci that’s for the older people. Tokyo youth wants what they can mix with vintage.
Much cooler
Tokyo Dandy Boys meet everyone who passes through. Lady Gaga (she was naked which was uncomfy making) plus Lyndsay Lohan, the Olsens, Dita von Teese, Fergie, Jeremy Scott and Kanye West. Anyone who comes through town really.
The Asian connection is strong as ever this year and some of their accessories are wild. Hero’s boots blew me away. They looked like Gaultier but they’re a Japanese designer.
Back at Sable and Minx, the front row starred Keisha, and Kerry Anne from Good Morning, plus Tanya Carlson designer and Air NZ CEO Rob Fyfe with his family.
It will be interesting to see who’s front row here but the real show for local celebs is Trelise.
– I forgot to tell you too, I saw Mark Sainsbury yesterday, outside the venue having a fag.
The naughty man was waiting to do an interview with Pieter and he looked very styley in a dark pin stripe suit, Alligator shoes and a crocodile leather belt. He’s into skins and its great to see a middle aged man enjoying fashion


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