The Carpenter’s Daughter

The energy at TCD was fantastic. It was unlike any other other show so a plague upon anyone who says Air New Zealand Fashion Week is about bones.
Ain’t so!
Just to prove the point, the show was called “Let Them Eat Cake” and there were little branded TCD cupcakes on all front row seats. The models were “real” women and they looked like they were loving every minute of the glitz and glamour of it all and the crowd gave a standing ovation at the end which was very touching.
INTERESTINGLY for greedy me, there was finally some chocolate in the goodie bags. Every year its the only thing I want to find and this year there hasn’t been any. Except at TCD and they gave us 3 wee bars too!!
In the crowd were Sally Ann Moffat of Good Morning, a newly single Mikey Havoc, the CD celebrity model, Geraldine Brophy and some old time Shortie Streeters who were loving every minute
I dont imagine there will be another such feel good show and the joy of it, really was the fact that fashion is for EVERYONE!!


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