“Have fun, save the world, do good things and be pink and glittery.”

All the pictures came alive – 2D became 3D – when Pamela Anderson walked into her press conference at 4pm today. She’s got the same smooth honey coloured skin as Nicky Watson, very silky curls, cute little muscles, the barbed wire tattoo was very visible as was a tribal one down her spine, and she was wearing nothing but pale pink specs on her head, and a scarf! Not a dress but a scarf. Wrapped around her body. It was from the next A*Muse collection and the tease was that she might drop it. She didn’t, but it had the photographers enthralled.
Her best line was that she prefers to go naked so she doesn’t know much about fashion, and the first thing she did was instruct a journo in the front row to take off his shirt. Poor guy. What do you do? He stood up and took it off!
Richie’s most fascinating statement was that eternal beauty and animal rights activist, Brigitte Bardot had called Pamela to tell her that she, ie Pamela, is the “only one left” and she called her her “daughter.”
It’s a massive and beautiful compliment but Brigitte doesn’t speak English, so I wonder what language the conversation was in.
Both Pam and Richie Rich had false eyelashes on I am sure, but he’s nightclub pale where she is beach tanned, and they are both very outgoing in that LA kind of way
“Fashion is not planned out” says Richie, who’s about getting the message out that we should all be ourselves and “tell everyone else to go **** themselves”. They intend to incorporate fashion and awareness so that people don’t have to feel guilty and that even extends to beach balls. They want to do eco-beach balls because life should be
“fun and glittery and wild” and eco!!
The best question was from Julie Ralston who asked how she would feel if her daughter wore almost nothing but Pam’s answer was that she has two sons so it’s no issue.
That got a laugh
She also said her builder and her plumber are both kiwis and she’s got loads of friends who are dying to move here.
Tomorrow she’s going “Waiheeke” before her show
On the animal rights/eco front she’s a real superstar. She is anti us using possum fur because “anything that has a heart deserves respect” which is a wonderful philosophy, and she and her boys all work at a wildlife centre in LA where they’ve come across possums. She also knew about mulesing and that we are way kinder in our animal husbandry practices than the Aussies. She says factory farming is one of the leading causes of global warming and that being vegetarian is the only way to go.
This vegan diet may also be responsible for her constant weight. It never fluctuates does it?
A friend of mine has just gone vegan and lost 10kgs with zero effort.
Pamela Anderson is a real star!


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