The Exhibition Stands

Kagi couple
The Kagi team
photo: Anneke Stewart
There are not as many stands this year but the standard is really high for what it here.
I fell in love with New Zealand designed pearl jewelry at Kagi, but they are all worth checking out
Clothing designers are Von Avi and JulianDanger; Oyl, (Jill Blomfield had a really cool dress of theirs on, on opening night) Sheryl May, Sherieyvonne, Richard Moore, Riddle Me This, Fluxus, Gypsy 05,(another personal favourite) Emanuella, Emily Kerse, Michael Pattison’s Resort, swimwear label Nathan Paul, and Caroline Moore.
Accessory brands, besides Kagi, are Von Avi, and New Zealand Mint Jewellery, and there are the showrooms of Coco PR and Showroom 22, plus photography company Photographers Inc, the celebrity and social website The A-List and Air New Zealand Fashion Week sponsors the Westin Auckland, Rationale and Toll IPEC and affiliate The Carrybag Company.
There was tempting bowl of toffees yesterday too, but its gone today. Maybe they all got scoffed because we cant find enough chocolate! : )


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