later that night…..

After chatting with Pamela I went straight back up to the Air New Zealand Lounge were they were all so super kind, sat down, plugged in, and blogged, which meant I missed Huffer, dammit.
We got there just as people were filing out but you cant be in two places can you? : (
From Huffer, or rather, from the street outside Huffer, we went back to Sale St where Pam was dining in a back room with Richie, Bryan Long and the rest of her entourage and the likes of Adrian Hailwood, his, and now Trelise’s stylist, Phoebe Trezevant Miller, who is off to St Martin’s next year, dermatologist Peter Gould, Pieter, Myke and other members of the ANZFW crew.
Pam was really jet lagged though and was facing another flight today, so she didn’t stay long.
But she stayed long enough to impress.
Everyone I have spoken to, every single person, has thought she was extremely nice. It’s not very exciting to read, I know, but even so, its nice to be able to say it.
I told her about trying to get the importation of cat and dog fur from China banned (should be a no brainer) and asked her if I could get a quote from her. She was obliging but the quote: ” we should all wear our own skin” was interesting because she wasn’t castigating anyone. Her message is in how she lives her own life.
Sorry to be so gushy, but, like Lucy Lawless’ tough headed friends in LA, I just cant find a bad word to say about Pam Anderson.
At the show, one of our leading fashion journos said she wondered how eco and animal friendly A*Muse really was, but I have zero doubt about Pam and Richie’s sincerity, no discredit to the journo, but we do ourselves no favours knocking people for TRYING!
A very alternative, activist friend of mine who lives a pretty ascetic life says if you try to get the eco/animal thing ALL right, ALL of the time, you wouldn’t be able to function, and if even she can compromise, then we shouldn’t be looking to knock A*Muse.
Tonight is the Wrap Party at Shanghai Lil where Richie is staying, and tomorrow is the harbour cruise.
I have sore thumbs from twittering like a mad thing, sore feet from high heels, and sore eyes from not washing my make off before I went to sleep.
But hey! It’s Air New Zealand Fashion Week!


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