Meeting Pamela:

After her show a few media people- they said 30, but there weren’t 30 – there might have been 15? went back to The Westin where she is staying, to have a one on one.
Dealing with celebs always means waiting so we waited downstairs, and then we waited upstairs in a small reception room, and we drank Champagne and we talked about what we were going to ask her.
I only had two questions myself.
Paul Henry was interviewing for Breakfast, watch tomorrow, Esther from the Sunday Star Times was going to ask her about NZ men, and I guess we will read all about that on Sunday. My questions were eco/animal related and so we sat, and we waited.
She walked in in a tiny white dress, fabulous black, thick heeled shoes with a small white motif on the heel and a slightly less small entourage.
Once in the room, formalities ceased and she just started yakking to whoever wanted to yakk, while Richie Rich, who does seem like a very cool guy, went around introducing himself to everyone.
I connected immediately because of the animal thing. He’s a vege, but he wears leather – he’s not purist, he just tries his best and cares a lot and he called Pam over to join our conversation, which was a treat.
The question I most wanted to ask, not just for this blog but for myself, because it really does my head in, was how do rich, beautiful, glamorous women justify wearing fur when we KNOW that if its probably come from animals that have been skinned alive.
The answer to that was that “they pretend they don’t know, and they don’t want to know because they don’t care”.
Next question was about being vegan: she’s not. She eats cheese sometimes but not meat or fish and she doesn’t like dairy anyway. I blogged earlier about the friend of mine who had weight issues (was 70Kgs and a shortie – about 5’4″) and she turned vegan and has lost 10Kgs and it’s still dropping off so I told Pam about that and asked if her diet was the reason for her stable weight. The Lindsay Lohan’s of this world go up and down but Pamela has always remained constant, which is the ideal. She thought the vegetable based diet had something to do with it.
Back to the animal thing, she said she and her boys run sausage sizzles and help at the animal rescue centre once a month, and she also said that, on the beach, she’s always the one to find the bird that needs rescuing, wrap it up and take it home.
Way more interesting than anything Miss Pamela had to say, was what Lucy Lawless had to say about her!
They have met a few times in LA and have friends in common and Lucy said
“I have some of the world’s toughest friends. They aren’t the sort to turn down a nasty comment but she is someone special with a lot of heart. She’s generous and incredibly complex and I don’t know anyone who has a bad word to say about her.”

Lucy was there with Andrew Young of Starship Hospital, not just to catch up, but also because Pamela and Richie have agreed to sign a surfboard for the hospital to auction for charity. They love the chance to turn something worthless into money for a good cause.
And as for what Pam looks like up close? She is tiny. She’s short and very finely built with perfect skin and teeth and she’s very normal, and real and easy.
She also said her plumber is a kiwi and everyone wants to come live here.
As for the show:
Nicky W opened it looking perfectly gorgeous and led the finale as well, and other locals Names were Ms NZ Paula Herbert, Manu Bennett who hammed it up and Leslie Ann Brandt.
Male models were glittery, and had pink toenails and they were not all muscley at all. Some were quite skinny (like Tommy Lee I guess). The front row had Paul Henry with one of his daughters, Mark Sainsbury, and Antonia Prebble and Pamela came out with Richie as a post-finale.
Quite astoundingly, at one point her nipple was inches from my face. It would have been newsworthy I guess but my blackberry didnt focus quickly enough.


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