Pammie in pictures:

Miss Pamela flirted fabulously with the entire room at her press conference yesterday afternoon in the Moet Lounge DSC_0147
The rain was a worry but the brolly holders weren’t complaining:
She says she travels with shoes and a passport. Richie brings the clothes (sometimes he doesn’t bring much!)
She gave make up artist Kristen Stewart’s little girl Harley, her pink A*Muse sunglasses, and they played fingernail polish.
It will be fascinating to meet her later.
I want to ask a) what turned her vegan and b) how the Power Cows in Hollywood, like JLo and so on, justify wearing fur when they know it’s probably come off the backs of live animals.
Miss Anderson thinks and cares so it will be really interesting to hear what she says.


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  1. Hi just wanted to correct that Harley is Kristen’s daughter not Aunty Narna (Anneke who is a photographer). Thanks, love the Blogs.

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