Pamela Backstage:

Pamela Pam & richie 1 sm stayed in her trailer with Richie right up until the last minute and then appeared in a robe, high heels and photographer Anneke Stewart’s sunnies (because she’d given Anneke’s niece, Harley, her own the day before), just prior to stepping out.
(NB those aren’t burns on her shoulder, they are birthmarks and she doesn’t like to cover them up she likes to be natural).
It was party party backstage though, even in her absence,
backstage A*Muse 1 sm with Champagne flowing and everyone hooning around being silly. Nicky W surprised everyone by shyly getting changed behind a wall of clothes:
Nikki Watson sm
and James Somerset of Prime TV’s The Crowd Goes Wild, who had been hauled out of the press conference the day before, and told to take his shirt off, had more fun than any of them. There was one blonde stunner with huge blue eyes he had to have his photo taken with:
James & hot blonde sm
and he got mightily daubed, with glitter and had his toenails painted pink as well:
James Somerset sm
Pammy was pretty happy when she came off:
Pam richie apres show sm
Lucy Lawless, and Andrew Young of the Starship Hospital were there for the surfboard signing
Surf board line up sm which I explained in a previous blog (she and Pam are friends in LA).
The gold dress Keisha is wearing is from A*MUse and was a present from Pam.
Lucy Keisha P R trailor sm
A blonde trifecta:

nikki richie pam sm
More soon……


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