Sunday on the Haparanda:

Pam had already left, but Ritchie and their entourages were leaving Sunday night and they had the day to fill in so we took them out on The Haparanda, a very beautiful old sailboat, for trip up under the Harbour Bridge.
Fashion week 09 189
I’ve been on a few super yachts during my time writing the AT column and many of them are actually quite tacky. They have a “Dubai” sort of glitz about them, which means that, no matter how much they cost, they look a bit cheap. Seriously. The Haparanda is not at all glitzy though. Going below, it’s all old wood and subdued colours and you actually feel like you are on a cool old boat rather then a floating hotel in Manila.
Fashion week 09 184
Nicky W was first aboard, a pork pie hat, fluoro pink toenails, and tattooed toes, for the gay boys it was love at first sight.
Fashion week 09 211Other guests were Pam Doll from George FM, Claire Sullivan from Design Folio, interior designer Andrew Melville, stylist Pheobe Trezevant – Miller,
Fashion week 09 166Myken Stewart, ANZFW’s brand manager, Bryan Long, Myken’s friend from NY who made all the connections, and the Pam/Ritchie entourage which included Ritchie’s cute, preppy husband.
Richie was the star guest and although he’d been very pleasant the first night I met him I wasn’t quite sure about him because he was so Warholish, in one way and so extroverted in another. He turned out to be warm and real, very sincere and very funny and I gave him some really cute t-shirts, with fat little cartoon pigs and the slogan “I LOVE PIGS” for SAFE. He’s going to get a pic of himself and Pam in them, because A*Muse is not at all amused by the horrors of factory farming.
Fashion week 09 207
Note the bag from SAFE?? (cool eh?)
Moet flowed, there was heaps of food, (and lots of cups of tea) and Ritchie’ stories were of encounters with Madonna (she liked his dress), designing for Vivian Westwood, and hanging out with Elton and Nicky Hilton. He was anything but pretentious though, and as someone said: “You could take him to Hamilton”.
I don’t think he WILL be going to Hamilton though. They were all saying they wanted to come back, but it will to the Sounds, and to Queenstown. I don’t think dear old Hamilton is going to be top of their tourist destinations and sadly NO! Pamela did not say she was going to buy a house in NZ and ‘probably on Waiheke’.
It never happened.
This is Shannon Ryan the George FM morning DJ:
Fashion week 09 192
And here’s Clarke Gayford:
Fashion week 09 198
After the sail, the internationals went back to The Westin to pack for their flight and Shannon, Clarke and co went off bbqing.
Ideal way to spend a Sunday really.


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