ANZFW in the can:

This is the sign under which it all it all started:
Fashion week 09 175
The glamorous world of fashion: This is typically backstage – it got really tiring for the models as you can imagine.
Fashion week 09 183
The Cutting Room bar was the big hang out place:
Fashion week 09 136
For EVERYONE. These are Trelise models getting papped outside the Cutting Room:
Fashion week 09 144
All the bustle and exhaustion aside, the Week was a great big messy success and emails came in from all over the world: the UK; Europe; and the US, with one US model agency forwarding an ecstatic email from a yankee mum who had seen her daughter here, on TV there.
Proud mothers aside though, the most important aspect of it all was the amount of business done and interest was sky high (too early for specifics though). And there was little negativity. What there was seemed to centre, predictably, around A*Muse.
“Isaac Likes” blogger, Isaac Hindin-Miller was thoroughly disparaging, but Isaac is a purist fashionisto and as such, no-one would expect him to get into fluoro lipstick, spray tanning, muscles and glitter. Isaac is about directional fashion, not flash and fun, and the energy at A*Muse was all about that, and made news all over the world.
Even the dreaded Perez Hilton talked about it, because, no matter what fashion intellectuals say, Pamela Anderson launching a label is Big News, and the fact that she chose New Zealand to do so was a very Big Deal for us in terms of international exposure. Other Fashion Weeks have sought her for years, we experienced an unprecedented level of interest thanks to her presence, and we will always be linked with her now, which is fabulous because her fashion future is all about eco and animals.
Because of the interest A*Muse was guaranteed to generate, the show was scheduled for the very end of ANZFW so it didn’t steal the thunder from any of the local fashion labels and the other non directional fashion show was The Carpenter’s Daughter. This one didn’t get internationals panting but it did generate the biggest emotional buzz, with all its plus sized models. It was so great to see ‘real’ women on the runway because fashion is for everyone, it is NOT just for the skinny and the wealthy. TCD was a heady celebration of this and I had tears in my eyes. I wasn’t the only one either. TCD was a real celebration of womanhood.
ANZFW is not really about warm fuzzies and teary sniffles though. It is, before anything, a TRADE show, with the focus on selling into Asia and the US because the tariffs and the distance to Europe make our clothes a bit expensive there. General Cucumber, alone, the fashion agent from HK, found ten labels to take off shore and that’s an indication of how well it went. Its also an example of why ANZFW is held in September. The date is chosen in consultation with the designers who stipulate that if our FW were held in October, they’d already have sold their collections. Ours is brought forward to take place between the NY and London Fashion Weeks and if anything it means we are ahead, because they are showing Spring Summer 2010 but we are showing Autumn/Winter 2010. Any later than September and it would be too late to go into production.
The only real negative for ANZFW was the Leader of the Free World, Barack Obama!
JK was keen as to come but Barack had invited him to hang over there, and er, realistically, what’s a PM to do? He called to say he’d love to come on the Sunday but it all kicked off Monday night so it just didn’t pan out which was a shame.
Backstage fashion:
Pirate Barbie
That’s Stephen, from August Models and Talent the company which produced most of the shows. He’s of the belief that cutlasses will be big in 2010. (He’s wrong but don’t tell him!)
And this is how it all ended:
fw next day
THIS, dear readers, is the reality of ANZFW! It was a lot of hard work!


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