Rationale: 21st Century make up at last!!

Time was, makeup killed you. From the C16th to the C18th, white lead was used to whiten the complexion which would have been fine except that lead’s a toxin. The make up ate into the skin and sometimes killed the wearer.
Through the C19th and C20th there was a huge improvement. Makeup wasn’t lethal anymore. It was just harmless. It made you look nicer but if you think about it, that makes no sense. Why wear something for maybe 16 hours a day if it isn’t going to actually work for you?
I hadn’t thought of that before but one of the show stands at Air New Zealand Fashion Week this year was “Rationale”.
It’s a new make up to come out of Australia and using it, if you will excuse me, is one of the most rational beauty decisions you can make.
Here’s why:
The buzz word now is not cosmetics but cosmeceuticals and Rationale is all about cosmeceuticals. These are cosmetic beauty products that leave you more beautiful when you wipe them off than when you put them on, and first up is mascara.
The Rationale mascara lengthens and thickens your lashes. It was devised in Australia and has been huge since it was released onto the market in March this year because it’s not like other lash lengthening mascaras which use micro fibres to add length and bulk. The Rationale mascara works on your actual lashes, and you can expect a growth of 2mm over a few months, ie with the use of one wand. Once you stop using it, your eyelashes go back to their usual thickness and length. (But why would you stop?)
The active ingredient is something called oligo-peptide and its also available in a product available in the US called Latisse, which grows your eyelashes too. The problem with that though, is that it can make your blue or green eyes, brown, and you don’t want that!
The whole point of Rationale is that there’s no downside at all.

Then there’s the lipgloss. Its active ingredient is hyaluronic acid which plumps the skin by attracting moisture. You have to reapply it every 2 -3 hours and the effect isn’t permanent but it still sure beats a plain slash of lippy!
The real star of the range though is boring old zinc sunscreen.
Primitive people must have looked at rocks of white zinc and thought it would look great ground to a powder and daubed on their skin. They then would have seen that the skin covered by zinc stayed pale in the sun and hey presto, the only total sunscreen known, was born. The problem with it though, was that zinc was so very thick and heavy on the skin that it was useless in make up. Until now.
Rationale has formulated nano (ie micro-tiny) particles of zinc to go into make up and as it so happens, that’s the best way to get this important element into skin. The other great benefit is that because zinc is essentially opaque it still forms a film over the skin but in Rationale make up it is so fine that the film gives your skin a very fine gauze like shield so you look flawless but unmade up.

Everywhere, nowadays, the thrust of makeup is to protect during the day and repair at night, but with the addition of another ingredient, niacimide, which reduces uneven pigmentation, as well as protecting against cancer, Rationale repairs during the day as well, with the goal of perfecting your skin rather than covering or concealing it.
The only downside of Rationale is that it is so effective that it cannot be sold through chemists. Because your use of it must be guided and monitored you can only get it from The Skin Institute, either on line skininstitute.co.nz/shop/Rationale+products/Niacinamide+Serum.html or from The Skin Institute in person. Either way, your use of it will be supervised.

Chinese celebrity Denise Keller and her bf Bobby Chin bought up large while they were here, I am starting it this week and Pieter has already started and is looking ‘dewy”. By rights, she will be looking flawlessly poreless by Christmas!


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  1. Super site. You have won a brand-new reader. Please keep up the fabulous writings and I look forward to more of your newsworthy updates.

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