Air New Zealand Fashion Week Opening Night Through The Eyes of Chloe Bartlett

Fashion Week isn’t all about fashion shows and cat walks for some people it can be an experience that you remember for a lifetime. This was the case for New Zealand’s up and coming singer/song writer Chloe Bartlett.  Chloe Bartlett came to our attention earlier in the year and from the moment we, here at the NZFW office heard about her we knew that she had to play at the Air New Zealand Fashion Week Opening Party. Below is Chloe’s account of the event;

“I’ve decided there must be a time when every musician stands back and wonders how their music left entertaining their bedroom walls and ended up some place completely unexpected. For me, that happened this year at Air New Zealand Fashion Week. I’ve been writing/performing music for some time now, playing gigs on cigarette-butt strewn pavements through to guitar shredding/boys-with-long-hair band competitions, but ANFW undoubtedly has been the best event I’ve been apart of to date.

Like all opening night’s, you are intoxicated by the hype and can taste the excitement, the Moet & Chandon was flowing and my band of local boys; Steve Harvie, Nathan Collings and Jarrod Bayly couldn’t help but feel slightly overwhelmed by flashing lights and the All Blacks (I think I was definitely more excited about the All Blacks, but I cannot be sure). Fashion Week has been an absolute highlight in my musical career to date, and I have been pinching myself for months to remind myself that it did actually happen.

So where too now after such a mountain top experience? Well towards the end of this year I am playing a few local gigs with up and coming artists around Auckland city, I also have a summer residency at Stony Ridge vineyard and am playing Parachute Music Festival 2010.

To check out what I’m doing, where I am, please feel free to find me at or”

We recommend that you have a look at Chloe’s website and MySpace pages and check her out on the new Apollo Stage at Parachute Musical Festival 2010 in January if you are heading down that way.

We have received such great feedback about Chloe and her performance at Air New Zealand Fashion Week Opening Party 2009 and wish her all the best for the future.


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